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CMC association management is a full service HOA Property Management Company.
CMC association management specializes in HOA Property Management for Homeowner Association and Condo Association communities.
Our HOA property management services include the following:


Your Association’s financial data is maintained in a simple, easy to read accounting format, showing cash position, income, and expense detail. Whether you need basic financial statements or complete management of your accounts receivable and payables, we will get it done. Our finance department has the expertise and software tools to assist you in properly managing your money.


Services provided by the Financial Department are:

Accounts Receivable/Payable


Deposit of Collections

Invoice Approval/Payment

Payroll Accounting for Employees

Financial Report and Preparation

Tax Return, Review and Audit Preparation

Budget Preparation

Lien Preparation

Liability for Use of Financial Statements

Assessment Collections

Delinquency Follow-up/Report

Owner Roster Updates

Automatic payment plan for individual homeowners who choose to sign up for the service


Our financial department is responsible for billings, payments and creating reports in a timely manner.  We have experienced Assistant Managers and Administrative Assistants who provide extensive clerical and problem solving support.



A Collection Program, written in accordance with your CC&Rs and collection policy, is followed each month to insure that your association receives all assessment dues.  CMC will process collection accounts, file liens, and perform all other collection needs on behalf of your Association. 


Community Management

A Community Association Manager is assigned to each association and works under the direction of the Board of Directors for that association.  Your Board of Directors has the opportunity to be involved in the selection of your Association’s Community Manager.  It is the responsibility of each Manager to provide current and relevant information and guidance needed for the board to make solid decisions and to resolves disputes promptly. Services provided by the Management Department are:

Administration of Contracts

Attend Board Meetings

Attend Annual Board Meetings

Meeting Notices, Agenda and Coordination

Rule Enforcement

Site Inspections

Review of Invoices/Payments

Review of Service Work Performed

Preventative Management

Emergency/Crisis Management

Educational Seminars


CMC has a large resource of outside vendors with a good reputation that we can recommend to our Homeowner Associations when they are looking to make a change with any of their current vendors.  When a change is requested, quotes are secured from qualified vendors that meet the Association’s specifications.  CMC will recommend only the vendors that provide consistent and prompt services, and have a verifiable proven track record.  The proposals and other information are then given to the Board of Directors for their evaluation and selection.  In addition to the on-site meetings, site visits, administrative responsibilities, and constant monitoring of the Association’s vendors, each Community Manager provides current and relevant information and guidance needed to make solid association decisions and to resolve disputes promptly.



Customer Service

Our Customer Service Desk is available to all residents and owners during normal business hours. Customer Service personnel will contact community managers or senior staff members when needed to resolve homeowner issues. or refer service requests to  Vendors.  The last thing you want to deal with are complaints from homeowners, requests for maintenance, or other day-to-day issues.


Emergency Services

In addition to regular business hours, we provide a 24-hour, 365 days a year emergency answering service to all residents and owners.  Our week-end services are handled by rotating Community Managers.  The manager on call is provided with information required to respond to emergencies in the common areas of your community. Emergency services are handled immediately.  Non-emergency services are handled during regular business hours. 


Maintenance Services

CMC is also able to provide information to assist with direct hiring of personnel and/or leasing of personnel to perform services for communities.


General Administration

CMC has several Administrative Assistants that provide various services in all areas of each department.  We rely on our strong support staff and feel that all functions related to the management of a community are of equal value.



Provides a timely response to written escrow “demands”.  Association certification of accounting records are required at the end of escrow, as well as various other documents to meet financial and purchase criteria. The costs for escrow services are not charged to the association. It is the responsibility of the individual homeowner and is paid as a private transaction.


Technical Services

Timely and accurate financial and account information is crucial to your success. Our proprietary software and systems puts information at your fingertips 24/7 via the Internet. In addition, we can help you build your own website to enhance communication to your community.  




Our office hours are 9:00am – 5:00pm


Main Office

2740 N. Grand Ave - Suite 200

Santa Ana, CA 92705



Community Manager:


Escrow & Collections


   2740 Grand Ave - Suite 200
Santa Ana, CA 92705


Fax: 714-665-6995

Accounts Payable

2740 N. Grand Ave - Suite 200

Santa Ana, CA 92705


 Fax: 714-283-0627



Homeowners are able to contact us, anytime, day or night. During regular business hours, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. homeowners may contact us by telephone. We have an emergency answering service that covers after hours, weekends and holidays that reports immediately to the appropriate Community Manager. Emergency response times are normally within minutes. Once the Community Manager is informed, they will contact the appropriate vendor or service agent who will evaluate the issue and take corrective action.

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